Photography Journey: Film

After going through a few rolls of film my photography came to a screeching halt. Taking pictures was an expensive hobby to pursue, especially for a kid without money.

Fast forward several years to the summer before my senior year of high school. I was sitting in the counselor's office in my soon to be new high school. The sweet woman across the desk was helping me pick out my schedule for the coming year. We decided that in order to make the most of the my senior year, that I was dreading, it would be best for me to focus on making new friends, and scheduling classes that I would enjoy. Lucky for me I had already met most of my requirements for graduation, I just needed classes to fill my time. I threw myself into the arts. I had ceramics, choir, drama, photography, yearbook, independent study, and one history class.

As much as I hated switching schools my senior year, it was during this year that I discovered my love for photography. I started off with an old school film SLR camera, taking pictures only in black and white. I loved every aspect of the photography process; There was something magical about seeing my images appear on the photography paper as it sat in the chemicals in the dark room.

Pretty soon I was taking pictures all the time, and used my independent study time in the dark room or on the computer with pictures for yearbook. A lot of my pictures were only so so and none of them were phenomenal, but I wasn’t ever discouraged. I loved experimenting and making progress.


These are a bit late getting up but they are too fun not to share. This girl is going places. Getting to know her through out the shoot was amazing. Not only is she beautiful but she is smart and generous, and determined. Congrats on graduating and good luck Sid! 


Taking pictures of families is my favorite, but taking pictures of my family is even better.  Connecting with each of the kids was a blast, and had fun teasing more than I would in any shoot with non-family clients. 


Logan is the newest addition to the Christian Family and is as sweet as can be. I have had the pleasure of shooting for the Christians multiple times and as always loved taking pictures them and of this little angel. So happy for you Kassie and Kyle


The Callisters have become very dear friends to our family. When Lynette asked me to do their family pictures I was very excited.  I love how tight nit this family is. While taking their pictures they were laughing and making the most of not wanting to have their pictures taken. I hope they enjoy their pictures as much as I enjoyed doing them!

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